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The Intern Committee (IOC)

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  • Brings French Interns into French Immersion classrooms in Normandale Elementary School and Valley View Middle School.
  • Is one of the operating divisions of the Normandale PTO, and also includes representatives from the Extended French Booster Club (EFBC) at Valley View.
  • Is involved in decisions regarding all aspects of the interns
  • Has responsibilities including, but not limited to,
    • recruiting and matching interns and host families
    • planning and implementation of intern orientation week prior to the beginning of schools
    • planning group social and cultural opportunities
    • creating and managing the budget
    • communicating with families via La Liaison and The Valley Viewer
    • working closely with interns to assist with coaching, support and problem solving to help make the year a positive experience for the intern, the school, and the host family
  • The principal of Normandale Elementary School is the Responsible Officer of the French Intern Program.

Intern Site Coordinators

  • Are hired by the PTO and EFBC to help with the general duties
  • Provide support for the interns with regard to their school training experience
  • Act as the interns’ first contact for any school training experience concerns
  • Responsibilities also include, but are not limited to,
    • the administration of intern semi-annual evaluations
    • intern monthly meetings

Intern Education Coordinator

  • Is hired by the PTO and EFBC to implement intern education curriculum as required under the J-1 visa training plan

Intern Recruiter

  • Hired by the PTO and EFBC to recruit and place interns in site location classrooms
  • Recruit, interview, and screen candidates and invite candidates chosen to participate in the internship
  • Communicate with interns and visa sponsoring organization to gather and submit all required documents
  • Collaborate with school coordinators on recruiting and intern classroom placement