What is a community Connection?

These are small group events that families host to support the school and its intern program. Families are encouraged to come up with an event that they can host independently or with a friend. In turn, we will “sell” spots to these events at the Adult Fundraiser. This is a great way to make funds for the school, in addition to meeting other Normandale and Valley View families.

What is a Host?

The host is the person, family or families who plan, pay for and host an event.

What are the costs?

The cost depends on the event you select.

Low cost ideas:

  • Skating, sledding or kickball party – you supply the refreshments
  • American Girl Tea Party – you plan and host a tea party in your home.

Moderate Cost Ideas:

  • Ladies Movie Night – you rent a recently released move and provide snacks and beverages
  • Craft and pizza party – you supply the craft and the food.

Higher cost ideas:

  • Take a group of kids to the opening of a movie – you buy them pizza before
  • Host an in home wine tasting event – you purchase the wine and appetizers.

How many people can attend my event?

Number of attendees is completely up to you. It can be as few as 2 kids or families, or as many as 100+. The sky is the limit.

When should my Event take place?

Ideally, we’d like all events scheduled between the time of the fundraiser and the end of the school year. Should you find that you have a conflict for the night you select, you will need to work with the families who purchased the event to schedule a new, mutually agreeable date.

How much does it cost?

The price for each Community Connection is directly related to the value of the event or amount of time the event will last. Events will be priced as low as $10 – $20 per person (ladies night out at someones house), up to $80+ per person (dinner with wine at someone’s house)

How does it work?

Start by thinking of something feasible for you or your family to host. Talk to a friend to see if they want to co-host. Determine how many people you can accommodate. Select a date. If this is not possible, determine the day of the week and month you will hold your event – for example one Friday in June – we publish dates at the event if possible so people know what they are signing up for and hopefully try to avoid conflicts.

What if no one signs up for my event?

While the chance of this happening is very unlikely, we would let you know that you are “off the hook”.

Who is attending my event?

Our planning committee will send you the names and email addresses of those who signed up for your event. While we will notify the “winners”, it will be your job to send them an email with any additional details they may need to know. For example, “bring a sled”.

Highly successful events:

  • Kegger in someone’s back yard
  • Game night at someone’s house
  • Cookie decorating night at someone’s house
  • Party Bus
  • Cocktail Party
  • Ladies night out – specific to each grade level
  • Core Yoga class with wine and appetizers at someone’s house afterwards
  • Gymnastics for specific grade level
  • American girl tea party for moms and daughters