Welcome Intern,

Here are some useful links to help you during your year at Normandale Elementary School. Thank you for helping our children learn.

Info for our future candidates from France

Info for our future candidates from Belgium

FAQ for our future Interns

Documents & Rules

Normandale Teacher Intern Overview

Intern Contract

District Policies


Personal Leave Request



Visa Sponsor

Culture & Resources

Fun Area Links

Library Resources

Post Office


You can walk, bike, or ride the school bus to and from school. Public Transportation is accessed from the East side of Edina quite easily. Access to many parts of the Twin Cities, is a simple trip to our local mall where an intern can catch a bus. Access to public transportation from some parts of Edina may be challenging. It is not unusual for you to depend on others for transportation. The following suggestions may help you when seeking transportation assistance:

  • Ask for rides in as far as advance as possible
  • Be wiling to carpool with other interns
  • Be flexible when asking for a ride
  • Don’t always ask the same family for rides

If you cannot safely walk, bike, or use public transportation you should use the following steps in the order listed:

  1. Submit a Ride Request to the Facebook Car Ride Group
  2. Ask your partner family if they are available to help with transportation.
  3. Then ask your host family for a ride.

If after completing steps 1-3 you still unable to find a ride, you may contact a committee member for transportation assistance.

Bike Trails and Maps  (please lock your bikes!!)

Taking the Bus

Facebook Car Ride A private FB group just for the Normandale Community. Join the group and post your approx. location, destination and the time/date you'd like a ride. Hopefully a Normandale parent is available to help you out.