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Help out with the French Interns

Thinking about hosting? We love you! visit EdinaInterns.org for more info.
Host Families pdf

Our interns are in Edina and will soon be looking for rides to get around town. Join the Neighborhood Network and help our French Interns explore the Twin Cities. You will be added to a mailing list that French Interns in your area of Edina use to request car rides. Visit EdinaInterns.org to learn more about our French Interns.

Find a Good Volunteer Fit

One way the PTO provides classroom support is through the generous help of room parents! Room parents are responsible for organizing parent volunteers for classroom support, room parties, field trips, and other opportunities.If you’d like to be a room parent, please sign up here. If you would like to volunteer in some other way for the school year, please sign up here

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