School Supplies & PTO Fees

As returning families know, we buy school supplies in bulk for all students. These supplies are ready in student classrooms before the first day of school, a process that saves all Normandale parents both time and money and ensures a smooth transition into the new school year. We collect payment for school supplies and PTO fees at the same time.

Pay Here for the 2019-2020 School Year. Or if you'd like to pay by check, Download Paper Version

Whether you pay utilizing your PayPal account or with a credit card, you should receive an e-mail receipt from PayPal. (You won't need a PayPal account to complete the transaction)

** If you are hosting an intern for the school year,
please consider that your intern donation for the year. **

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About School Supplies

This cost varies by grade, and you get a $10 discount when you pay by June 30. Teachers work with the school supplies team to order what they need for their classrooms.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the School Supply Co-Coordinator Mayssa Mouawad.
You may also contact the Principal with scholarship/aid requests.

PTO Fees

This cost also varies by grade, as this payment includes:

  • Field trips: Covers transportation and admission fees depending on the field trips planned for the year.
  • Class parties: Each grade gets three parties each year, and we collect money to pay for the snacks/supplies needed to make them great
  • PTO Family contribution: Each FAMILY is asked to contribute a flat fee of $25 per year. These membership dues are allocated for various extra-curricular programs, grants and scholarships.
  • French Intern donation: The largest and most important line item in the PTO dues payment. We ask that you contribute $95 PER STUDENT you have at Normandale to help pay for all the things needed to get the best interns into our classrooms. The fundraising we do throughout the year covers a large portion of the expenses; PTO family donations make up the rest.

French Intern Fund

** If you are hosting an intern for the school year please consider that your intern donation for the year.**

The French Interns are an essential part of our French Immersion school, and are 100% funded by parents through PTO dues and fundraisers. Having teacher Interns from France in our schools and community deepens immersion by increasing students’ exposure to native accents and adult French conversation, and providing more opportunities to participate in small-group and 1-on-1 interactions.

Get to know our Interns....

Field Trips & Room Party Dues

The field trip funds are passed through the PTO budget to each grade level for their educational field trips. The teachers estimate the costs of the planned field trips each year which are unique to each grade level. Any shortfalls or overages at the end of the year are applied to the estimated cost of the following year’s field trips.

Room Party funds funds  ($10 per child) are passed through the PTO budget directly to the room parents of each classroom for use at three classroom parties (Fall/Winter/Friendship) as well as snacks on Field Day. Remaining room party funds do not carry over year to year.

PTO Membership Dues

The membership dues are allocated for various programs, grants, financial aid and organizational costs.


some people choose to donate additional money to the PTO. We are a non-profit organization and your gifts are tax deductible. Please keep in mind that your gift to the PTO can be increased if your company has a corporate matching program. If you wish to make a donation, please contact our Treasurer


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